Micro Management Associates is pleased to let our client's and friends know about TING
, the cell phone service that makes sense.
Ting is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) launched in February 2012 by Tucows Inc. Ting provides cellular service in the United States using Sprint's CDMA, EV-DO 3G, and 4G LTE nationwide network as well as GSM service via the T-Mobile network.

To explore TING
, follow this link:
Using this link will get you $25 off a new device from the Ting shop or bring your own device and get $25 as service credit!

TING is a no BS service that makes sense. There are no contracts and no early-termination fees.
ting uses SprintTM's award-winning mobile network providing the excellent quality and coverage of the Sprint network (with LTE and roaming where available).

No overage charges or penalties: If you use more than you thought you would, just pay for what you used.

Credits on unused service: If you use less than you thought you would, ting drops you down to the level you hit and credits the difference on your next bill.

No add-on charges: Voicemail, caller ID, tethering, hotspot, three-way calling, call forwarding and other features are all part of service.

No-hold customer support. Really!

Simple, eay-to-read billing with no mysterious line-items on your bill: ting charges for what you used plus whatever taxes they are legally required to collect. No hidden charges, recovery fees or other BS. Use the powerful online account control panel to take control of your account, your usage and bills.

Unlimited devices on one plan: Have as many devices as you want on one plan sharing pooled minutes, messages and data . Each device on a plan costs a flat $6 per month.
Mom's ride free! Get a phone for your mom-if she doesn't use it, it's only $6 a month on your plan!

Cancel your service free anytime. No early-termination fees.

   - a great selection of Android and other phones
   - great nationwide coverage on the Sprint network

Read an independent study concluding that 98% of U.S. mobile phone accounts would save money on their monthly bills by switching to Ting

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