ACCPAC Plus Accounting

ACCPAC Plus (for DOS) was discontinued on September 30, 2006.

Micro Management Associates has more expertise with ACCPAC Plus than any consulting firm in the world and will continue to provide consulting services and support for ACCPAC Plus indefinitely, however, we do recommend upgrading to a windows-based accounting system. Please contact us about upgrading to Adagio or another windows-based product. We can have you up and running on Adagio in under a day!

Sage Software no longer sells, supports or develops ACCPAC Plus. LanPak's and upgrades from Sage Software are no longer available. 

We can help you with ACCPAC Plus anywhere in the world using our secure remote access technology.

Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 do not run DOS and do not allow DOS programs like ACCPAC Plus to run!  If your old hardware has failed, please contact us.

Click here to see 2006 Discontinuation Notice from Sage Software

Why upgrade to a Windows-based accounting system:
  • ACCPAC Plus will not run on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.
  • ACCPAC Plus is no longer supported by Sage Software
  • ACCPAC Plus is not Y2K (Year 2000) compatible
  • ACCPAC Plus has known reporting and data entry problems starting in 2010 (i.e. it interprets 12/31/10 as Dec. 31, 1910!)
  • Windows 95 was the last Operating System that ACCPAC Plus was certified for
  • Take advantage of Graphical User Interface with copy/cut/paste and Back-Tab
  • Modern USB printer support. Parallel port printers do not work with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It is hard to get dot-matrix printers and they have become very expensive
  • Integration with Word and Excel
ACCPAC Plus final versions/service packs:
 Version 7.0
   - Windowing System Manager [WSM70SP2; October 1999]
   - General Ledger 7.0 (Nov., 1999)
   - Accounts Receivable [AR70SP1; March 2001]
   - Inventory Control with Purchase Orders; Released March 2001

 Version 6.5
   - Windowing System Manager [WS650811-000810]
; Released Aug 2000
   - General Ledger; Released December 1998
   - Accounts Payable [AP650907-000907]
; Released Sept 2000
   - Accounts Receivable [AR981210]; Released Dec 1998
   - Inventory Control with Purchase Orders [IC000203]
; Released Feb 2000
   - Inventory Control withScanPac [SP65IC1]
   - Job Costing [JC000127]
; Released Jan 2000
   - Order Entry [OE001023]
; Released Jan 2000

   - Order Entry with ScanPac [SP65OE]
   - ScanPac [SCANPA65]
 Version 6.1
   - Windowing System Manager [SM990205]
- General Ledger [GL980630]
   - Accounts Payable [AP610908-000908]
   - Accounts Receivable [AR000113]
   - Inventory Control V6.1B [IC000111]
   - Inventory Control withScanPac [SP61IC]
   - Job Costing [JC000131]
   - Order Entry V6.1B [OE000112]
   - Order Entry with ScanPac [SP61OE]
   - ScanPac [SCANPA65]
   - Purchase Orders V6.1C [PO980128]
   - Retail Invoicing V6.1B [RI981231]
   - Sales Analysis [SA990118]
   - U.S. Payroll V6.1D [US000107]

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