Adagio Accounting                      
Latest Versions (Last updated Apr. 3, 2024)   Legacy/Prior Versions
Ledger  9.3B

Payables  9.3C 2023-1130
Receivables  9.3B
Order Entry 9.3B 2024-0219  
Inventory 9.3A
GridView   9.3B2019-0118
GridView RW9.3B2018-1108
Console 9.3A2019-1030

LanPak 9.3B2021-0109
BankRec 9.3A 2023-1106

BoM (Bill of Materials)9.3B2022-1208
DataCare9.3A 2023-0419
DocStore   9.3A2019-0920
FX9.3B 2023-0321
Invoices 9.3B 2024-0110  
Job Cost 9.2A 2023-0418
MultiCurrency9.2B 2023-0405
RMA (for Order Entry)
9.3B 2022-1209
Payments (for Rcvbls/Invcs)
9.3B 2022-0709
CatchWeights (for OE/IC/SA) 9.3B 2022-1210
Sales Analysis 9.3B 2023-1129
Sales CQ 9.3A 2024-0306  
Time & Billing  9.2A 2023-0502
Adagio Purchase Orders
9.3B 2024-0320 
Curr Ver of Crystal R/T=CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_25.msi 7/16/2019 1st install by IC93A-191023
SoftrakSystems.Adagio.Reporting.dll, 104712, 7/16/19, 8:31:18am

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