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Remote Support Launcher - PC Users 

When prompted by a Micro Management Associates' consultant, click purple 'REMOTE SUPPORT' button below to to join a Micro Management Associates Remote Support Session.

Click here to download
You will be asked to download/run ZA_Connect.exe. Your Micro Management Associates' consultant will give you the 9 digit Session ID.
When prompted, click [JOIN] to join session.

You may end screen sharing at any time by clicking 'Stop Sharing' or exiting the session. This ensures your computer can no longer be remotely accessed until you run the program again and enter a new Session ID.

Client Plugin
GET MMA Support Customer Plug-In
Download and run. 'Zoho Assist Customer Plug-In'
                icon will appear on your desktop. 


Other Remote Support client downloads:

Remote Utilities Run Only Agent

Download file [MicroMgt_Agent.RUT.] and run

iDrive Remote PC

Updated April 20, 2021 (RU)

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